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Meet a young girl threw into the world she doesn't belong to - without name and memories. Disclose the dark secret surrounding the island inhabited only by kids and find your way back home. It's not an ordinary tale and you're not an ordinary Snow White with her Seven Dwarfs. It's a game that alternates between reality and illusion, showing the real world problems in a new, twisted way.

Play Seven Boys and discover more than 7 storylines by meeting orphans living on an Island. Every story is complementary and will give you the wider view and help you understand the game as a whole. As the story goes, the illusion and reality are overlapping gradually. Each ending will give you more information about the world and the characters that live in it, and will help you understand their motives.


  • Rich story with many secrets for you to discover
  • Unique character design
  • Over 7 endings with different storylines
  • Unlockable extras
  • Ambient music
  • Colorful and diverse backgrounds
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