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The Legend is back!

Fasten your seat belt and take a ride in the iconic rollercoaster - now in a remastered version! Prepare yourself for chills and thrills with this intense experience. Sit comfortably and explore the medieval city while riding on the castle walls. Take a look on the beautiful surrounding landscape full of mountains and trees and admire the shimmering lake surface. Rift Coaster HD Remastered is a perfect way to introduce your friends and family to the rich world of virtual reality games - everyone will enjoy the ride.

Rift Coaster was one of the first VR coasters and with the Steam release you can now experience the game in an improved version. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Rift Coaster not only brings new features and tweaks to the visuals and gameplay - but also if you have the HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, or another OS VR device you can enjoy the game as it now works with the latest VR hardware.

Enjoyed the ride? Be sure to try our newest title - Dream Coaster VR, an unforgettable ride through magical grounds of Fantasy Land - now available on Steam!

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