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Mr Blaster - new game inspired by classics like Worms - will bring the joy of shooting your opponent in the face to the whole new level! This fast-paced, casual game is set in the colorful cosmic environment with incredibly fun ragdoll physics and easy, well-known mechanics - with a twist!
Join a space adventure and take aim at your enemy, shoot with precision and dodge their attacks - with random encounters like flying satellites making things more interesting!

Test yourself in solo mode by fighting against bots - it may sound easy but beware, your opponents will get harder to beat with your progress and you might end up with a rocket in your... Face!

Train your aim by destroying computer AI in a duel or in a 4-men epic battle - this will help you become the best amongst other Blasters!

Verify your skills in multiplayer mode! Play with your friends in a local split screen 2-men battles or join online 4-men game! Feeling competitive? Join the global leaderboard and climb tires to reach the highest rank!
Want to be snazzy? Conquer your opponent's planets to unlock new platforms, flags and 13 sprites to customize your character!

Steady your aim, shoot with accuracy, destroy your opponents - and maybe you'll be crowned the ruler of Mr Blaster's Universe!


  • ragdoll physics
  • rich world with fun and colorful graphics
  • solo mode
  • online multiplayer
  • leaderboard in competitive mode
  • 13 avatars for your character
  • 13 different planets to be conquered
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