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“I didn't care about this ship… facility… whatever… I still don't. It wasn't about it. I just…
I just wanted to find myself again. Needed to. Had to… Something, deep in my brain,
deep in my flesh, boiled inside to remember…”

Welcome to Shakhter-One! First space mining titan that gathers resources from Jupiter atmosphere. Shakhter-One saves mankind, as it provides pure Resource! Shakhter-One saves Earth, as we don’t have to use coal fuel or oil anymore! Still not convinced?

“Is that happening again? Whether I have been here before
starting this story? ... No, impossible. That one thing I can remember. And one more...”

Shakhter-One gives new place to live, where everyone is important, where everyone is employed, where all children have equal start! Perfect place for your family and future!

“How I felt... inside... Like a shell. Hollowed shell. Just listen, maybe you will understand...”

In Hollow you will join nameless pilot that transports resource cargo from Shakhter-One to Earth. One day he wakes up in an emergency capsule drifting near facility. Only thing he can remember is an auto-pilot code for Shakhter-One capsule dock NR 6.

From the very first step on board it is clear – facility went dark due to power supply issues. It’s just a matter of time like sanity is wrested by a nightmare born on Shakhter-One.

The worst evil is the one that knows us better than we do... The worst nightmare is the one born in our past, emotions, fears and pain.

Key features:

  • Explore a derelict mining facility in orbit around Jupiter.
  • Wade trough nightmare and solve Shakhter-One mystery.
  • Enter open battle or use environment as your ally while fighting your fears.
  • Solve puzzles and use your brain to proceed.
  • Master “In-Your-Face” gun combat to survive.
  • Reveal deep, engaging backstory of protagonist and set him free… … or do not.
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