Tools and methods for the digitalization of real, inanimate scenery for the purposes of 3D graphics in video games, based on stereo-photogrammetry techniques

The aim of the project is to develop technologies and tools for the effective digitalization of real inanimate scenography for the needs of 3D graphics in video games based on stereophotogrammetry techniques.

The project result is to support the video game production process, enabling faithful mapping of the real world scenography in the virtual world of video games with significantly less expenditure and shorter production time compared to the currently used laser scanning method. The end result will be a verified prototype of the plugin for the popular game engine.

Value: PLN 2,548,348.58

Co-financing amount: PLN 1,788, 525.77




Internationalization of innovative video game in the international arena  IT / ICT trade fairs


The aim of the project is to promote the export subject of Forever Entertainment SA in the international video games market in the form of a computer game "Hollow".

  Promotion on the international market will bring significant economic benefits, which will increase the competitiveness of an enterprise classified in SMEs with the highest export potential. The project will significantly contribute to strengthening the image of the Polish Economy Brand in the World through the promotion of the Polish product and the Polish brand.

Value 573 800.00 PLN

Co-financing amount: PLN 487 730,000


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